Daily Maintenance

If you have a puppy, work on this right away or if your dog is older start working on these behaviors daily.

Touching your dogs paws routinely is a great way to allow your dog to feel comfortable with needed medical or grooming issues.

When you are sitting with your dog, watching tv, touch your dog’s paws. If they let you manipulate them ( touch them) praise your dog for that. If they seem uncomfortable, try just touching above their paws, if no movement praise and reinforce your dog.

Then slowly, only proceeding if your dog is calm, go closer to the paws.

This is so important for dogs because this will allow them to feel more comfortable around vets/ groomers or children and if you want to take your dog training further into CGC or therapy dog work, paw manipulation is one of the requirements.

Starting small easy things like this as a puppy really sets your dog up for success in the future!


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