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We are a boutique small breed doggie daycare, dog boarding and training facility located right here in Key Biscayne. Our indoor and outdoor facility is unique since we focus on maintaining and conditioning obedience while your dogs are playing in the daycare. We are Miami’s only small breed facility, where like size dogs can play with each other comfortably and safely. Our small size allows for personalized attention for all dogs and the ability to do many activities. You no longer have to feel guilty leaving your dog bored at home during the day.

Planning a vacation with the family and can’t take your furry family member? Not a problem, our cage-free and positive environment will allow both you and your dog to enjoy the holiday season. Let them play among their friends, learn new behaviors, and release excess energy so when you come home tired from a long day at work, so will your dog.

As a life-long Key Biscayne resident, certified professional dog trainer and dog owner, I understand the undesired behaviors that come with dogs being home alone (i.e. excess barking, neighbors complaining, dogs chewing on your sofa, eliminating in the house, separation anxiety etc.) Don’t worry any longer! Your Good Dog will be their home away from home.