My Dog Hates The Vacuum! 

Big, loud, scary, moving- you can’t seem to blame Fido for having it out for the dirt devil. We know there is nothing to be afraid of but Fido needs to learn it’s harmless. We want to start to slowly desensitize Fido to the vacuum. This process will progress at different rates for different dogs. As with any training we need to be patient and move at a rate that’s comfortable for your pup. We do not want to progress to the next step until we see that our pup is 100% comfortable.

Step 1: A couple times a day, bring out the vacuum and simply leave it out. Place some treats from a distance all the way up to the vacuum and finally some on the actual vacuum itself. Be sure to praise Fido for calm behavior and for simply tolerating the vacuum with ease.Depending on your pup, do this a couple times a day for a few days until you are sure he is ready to move on.

Step 2: Just like step one, bring the vacuum out but this time you are going to add movement to the vacuum. With the vacuum off, slowly act as if you are vacuuming. Be in tune to your dog’s body language and praise him anytime you see him notice the vacuum and ignore it. Always end on a high note, so if you see him completely ignoring the movement of the vacuum after noticing it-praise and end session. 

As with any of these steps, if you see reactive behavior occurring during training, take it back a couple steps.

Step 3: With the vacuum out and upright, turn the power on momentarily then off. Quickly praise your pup with treats and lots of loving. Gradually increase the amount of time the vacuum is on and continue to praise. 

Step 4: Once your pup has become comfortable with the noise we are once again going to add movement. You may literally have to work in ½ inch increments depending on the reactiveness of your pup. As mentioned before, be in tune to your pup and always stop while you’re ahead. Any progress is good progress!

These “sessions” can range from 10 seconds to a few minutes. Short and sweet. Once you pass step one you can leave the vacuum out during the day so your pup gets used to it more and it becomes less foreign to them. 

You’ll be amazed by your pups transformation if you are willing to give this a try. One day you will be thinking back to the time when your doggie was sworn enemies with the dirt devil. Hope this helps, happy cleaning!

-Bianca Zinger  


Miami Herald Article on YOUR GOOD DOG

People spend more money on their pets in the United States than the total amount the government provides each year in foreign aid. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners will spend an estimated $58.5 billion this year, compared to the Department of State’s $52 billion budget for foreign assistance and support proposed for 2014. The pet expenditures also exceed the gross domestic product of a lot of small countries. (For instance, as of December 2013, Panama’s GDP was $36 billion, and it has a strategy-critical canal.)

Your Good Dog - Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare
Your Good Dog – Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare

“It’s astounding,” APPA spokeswoman Tierra Bonaldi says when confirming the $58.5 billion figure. “I have heard the U.S. Census Bureau puts pets as the eighth-largest sector, above toys and candy. It’s incredible what we spend on pets. But when you have one, you get it.” The love people have for their pets created a recession-proof industry in this country. “Even during the worst year of the recession, spending for pets increased,” she said. “People get such joy and unconditional love from their pets. They weren’t willing to skimp there.”

John Glorieux, whose Pompano Pet Lodge and Lauderdale Pet Lodge each has annual revenues that exceed $1 million, also is not surprised by the pet industry market. “Gandhi said you can gauge the morality of a nation by the way they treat their animals — and it’s evident by what money they spend on them,” he says. In addition to buying their pets special food, toys and treats, some pet parents buy even bigger ticket items. “People have bought cars for their dogs to ride in,” Glorieux said, remembering one of his clients. “They’ve got a Bentley at home, but they bought an Expedition for their dog, so he could ride in it.”

As expected, pet parents spent the most money on dogs, followed by cats, Bonaldi says. “Other pet types have a hard time competing with those two,” she says, adding that the market is expanding for boarding and daycare facilities for these pets. “I think it’s a matter of demand driving supply,” she says, “and that’s why we’re seeing more doggy daycare [facilities] and pet hotels popping up.”

While food, vet care and supplies (including over-the-counter medicine) account for the bulk of the annual expenditures, the fastest-growing sector over the past two years is that of pet services, which includes grooming and boarding, as well as daycare and pet sitting. Pet owners spent $4.41 billion on those services last year, up $250 million from the year before. They are expected to spend $4.73 billion this year, an increase of $320 million. That’s according to the Connecticut-based APPA — which bills itself as the leading nonprofit trade association of pet product manufacturers, their representatives, importers and livestock suppliers. APPA also found that doggy daycare nearly doubled between 2010 and 2012, albeit based on a small sampling of dog owners.

For those who traveled for at least two nights, dog owners were most likely to either travel with their dog in the car, leave the dog with a friend or family member, or board the pooch in a kennel or pet hotel. As much as 20 percent of dog owners now prefer to board their dogs, up from 12 percent in 2010.

In South Florida, the online Yellow Pages list scores of pet hotels and doggy daycare options. Their names are as cute as some of the fluffy creatures to whom they cater: Puppy Love Pet Care of Weston, The Litter Sitter of Miami Beach, and serving the Miami area: Dog Dude Ranch, Barkhaus, and Chateau Poochie. Then there are the pet sitters who come to you, such as Barking Madness, DogsGoWalking, and Paws-itively Purr-fect In-Home Pet Sitting, which also provides the dog walking service, At Your Barkin’ Call.

With about 200,000 licensed dogs in Miami-Dade and almost 100,000 licensed dogs and cats in Broward, the local pet business is clearly the cat’s meow. The following is just a sampling of the growing options.


Your Good Dog - Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare
Your Good Dog – Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare

• Your Good Dog

The first thing you notice when you enter Your Good Dog is what’s not there. There’s not even a whiff of dog in the place.

That’s thanks to the Air Oasis 5000 system that owner Alexa Holloway installed. It’s an air filtration system designed for 5,000-square-foot commercial spaces, and its effect on the 700-square-foot doggy daycare facility is nothing short of miraculous.

Because doggy daycare is such a social event, each day Holloway posts photographs of the dogs in attendance on a wall in the vestibule. That way, pet parents can see if their dog’s friends are there.

With maximum capacity at 10 to 15 dogs, Holloway says, “We’re very boutique; every dog gets individual attention.”

That could be why Happy, whose pet parents live in New York and winter in Key Biscayne, opted to board him at Your Good Dog when they took a summer cruise. “The owner flew into town and dropped him off and flew back to New York,” says Holloway, who has looked after the diabetic dog in the past.

Holloway has cared for and trained animals big and small, including snakes and alligators. In addition to daycare and boarding, she can train your dog to be a therapy dog or how to dance the hula and paint. (Her own dog, Teddy, has sold some of his works, including a $200 painting, she says.)

Golf cart pic  dog boarding key biscayne


Founded: November 2013

Owner: Alexa Holloway

Employees: Two

Location: 660 Crandon Blvd., #170, Key Biscayne

Size: 700 square feet, indoor and out

Daycare hours: 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Cost: $8/hour up to 4 hours; $35 a day; $50 a day for boarding

Average daily dog population: 8-10 dogs

Boarding capacity: four small and two large kennels

Clients: 90 regular customers, 125 dogs

Revenues: $280-$350/daily

Features: Daycare, boarding, training. Specializes in small dogs, with cage-free indoor and outdoor play areas. The outdoor features K9 grass and a fenced in area surrounded by a neighborhood butterfly garden. The indoor area has shock-absorbent rubberized flooring to protect bones and joints. Surgery-grade air filtration system, Air Oasis 5000. Therapy dog training and painting classes.

Contact: 305/710-0502,


Your Good Dog - Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare
        Your Good Dog – Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare
Your Good Dog - Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare
Your Good Dog – Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare


Americans literally spend billions each year on pet care and pet products. In the past 30 years, the total has grown almost 228 percent. Here are figures for total expenditures to the U.S. pet industry for each each year since 2000.

Importance of flea and tick prevention

The word flea or tick is enough to make most people cringe! But fleas and ticks should not be your evil nemesis. There are great ways, even holistic organic ways to protect, treat, and maintain a flea and tick free atmosphere.

A monthly flea and tick medication is the easiest way to ensure your pets are not becoming a new host for active pests. ( frontline etc..) But many families now are not as keen on using chemicals on their dogs. ( flea collars, harsh chemicals). That does not mean that nothing should be done!

Here are some fast , natural and innovated ways to treat and prevent mosquito , flea, tick, ant and spider bites.

You can get products with cedar oil or peppermint oil . It’s all natural flea and tick repellant. Safe to spray around children and dogs and on furniture and carpets. Spray your dog before walks to prevent an adult flea attack . Also treat your house occasionally with the spray to kill pests at the larval stage . Treat your back yards with the same organic products to ensure your house is protected .

Most people only treat their dogs but do not focus on a clean protected home.

If you are past the stage of prevention and need to stop active pests “Capstar” pills work within 30 mins all fleas on your pet will die. Make sure to treat your house as well. Capstar is safe to use even if dogs are on flea and tick prevention meds already . Capstar only kills adult fleas so once all the fleas fall off ( 30 mins) make sure to treat for the larvae which can remain in the environment for many weeks . The adults are the only ones that can jump and only the feeding adults are jumpers. Without a host adults die within a week. Capstar can last three days of immediate pest termination so that gives you three days to get your house in order. Your vet can also prescribe comfortis which is more expensive but has a 30 day efficiency. Again it kills the adult fleas so treat for the larvae stages as well to maintain a clean environment.

Other great tips to prevent and treat your household is to put a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner. Chop the collar into one inch pieces and every time you vacuum put a new piece in .

Vacuuming your house is a great way to get those pesky critters out of your house . But do not let them sit in the vacuum cleaner and jump out . Empty the bag or holder immediately and put in a new flea collar piece.

This will kill any alive fleas in you vacuum !

If you don’t even want to buy organic products you can make your own sprays with lemon juice, vinegar, cedar oil or peppermint oil. Salt on your carpets also help dry up the moisture and kill fleas as well .

Ticks are also repelled by many of these ingredients, however using a tick or flea comb to check your dog is a great way to stay ahead of the game .

I am a “bug-a-phob ” and have a hard time dealing with pests. We use “wondercider” products which are natural and have no harsh chemicals to protect our dogs and treat our facility. I can sleep at night knowing that my dogs are safe but the pests are not!
Mosquitos, fleas and ticks don’t need to ruin your life . Be proactive , prevent and treat .

There are no excuses to not being
on some sort of flea and tick medications either from brand names, vet prescriptions or home remedies .

Protect your dogs and cats this summer . Miami is hot and the best breeding ground for every pest in the book . Pest free is the way to be


Being consistent in training!

After every training session I always finish with the phrase ” be consistent”. There is a reason for my consistent need to be consistent! If you practice behaviors with your dog regularly and our repetitious it is amazing the level of obedience and sense of achievement you and your dog receive.   Same goes for potty training. Taking your dog out at the same time everyday gets your dog on a routine and they are able to anticipate their walk and hold in their urine till the great moment they get to go for a walk. I tell my clients ” there is no day off in training”. Your dog loves to learn and even if you are only able to do something with them for 5 mins that five minute session makes all the difference.

Love your dog, play with them , understand them, train them, and enjoy them. Being consistent is the key to a happy dog household