The importance of exercise

Providing exercise for your dog can help eliminate undesired behaviors.
People do not realize the immediate benefits of having a tired dog .

Does your dog bite objects, scratch your sofa, bark endlessly, jump up on guests, or chase your cat? Do you know that a likely cause is exercise!!

When your dog is really tired the urge to bite, nibble, bark, chase is significantly decreased. Boredom and excessive energy are two common reasons for undesired behaviors to occur, and too many people do not realize how a 30 minute run with your dog can help your dog succeed in your home.

This is how you can do it. Get a bike or if you are a good runner , run. Get your dog and really work your dog. Dog parks are great as well but if your community doesn’t have an off leash park or you don’t have the time or money to drive far, running or biking will promote a healthy lifestyle and provide you with a manageable dog.

Remember that setting your dog up for success is the key to a happy home, and the best way to start is by physical exercise. Mental stimulation is also an intricate part of behavioral modification but the physical exercise is a great way for you to take an immediate step to fixing behavioral problems.

Enjoy your dog everyday and remember that dogs are a privilege and like all good aspects of our life, they need to be maintained and taking care of.

Now go for that run!!


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