Responsible Toys for Your Pet

Enrichment by definition is: “The dynamic process for enhancing animal environments within the context of the animals’ behavioral biology and natural history.”

Enrichment is way of providing animals with mental nourishment and stimulation. In my practice, I develop environmental enrichment devises or EEDs. These EEDs are made creatively and specifically for individual clients. EED’s can be anything from store-bought toys, or toys you make with your own imagination.

EEDs are important because they provide your dog with much-needed exercise and enrichment. Animals should have a time in their day where enrichment is involved so they are stimulated and not just an entity in your home.

EEDs are easy to make and you know what your dog likes so why not create a toy for your dog? This can be a great activity for the family to work on and it provides your dog with a personalized toy. Remember be responsible and use pet friendly objects and nothing that can be a choke hazard.

Be interactive with your dog and never stop being creative!!


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