Using a spy camera on your dog

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you are not home? Getting a camera system is a great way to monitor your dogs activities.

If your dog barks: the camera can detect when they are barking, for what reason and for how long! This can be extremely helpful in apartments or homes where people are having barking problems.

There are many different types of barking and solving barking problems really involves knowing why your dog barks. If it is because of boredom or maybe fear or even outside noises and distractions. Seeing your dog react to stimuli is the best way to solve a barking dog problem.

There our cameras out there that are not very expensive ( ie dropcam) and can really help with your behavioral problems.

It’s actually really fun to observe them and for a trainer to see a dogs behavior live on camera is a sure fire way they can modify or correct your dogs undesired behavior.

So set up your cameras and let the fun begin! You may be shocked at what you see!!


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