Why get CGC certified

CGC or canine good citizen is a great way to let your community know that your dog is well behaved and can be respected in your city. If you are moving in to a new building a CGC certified dogs are starting to be a requirement. The CGC test involves sit, down, walking comfortably meaning left/right turn, meeting strangers, meeting strange dogs, stay and come behaviors, they need to accustomed to distractions (loud noises or skate boards rolling by)
and finally your dog needs to be left with a stranger for 3 minutes. Everything must be completed with your dog being calm and relaxed and under control. They need to show discipline and that they can follow commands. Your dog must be at least 1 year old to take the test and after the CGC test your dog has more opportunities to receive other certifications like being therapy dog certified.

If you are interested in CGC testing and need lessons contact your local trainer.

If you are in Key Biscayne, FL

Contact: Alexa Holloway


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