Importance of flea and tick prevention

The word flea or tick is enough to make most people cringe! But fleas and ticks should not be your evil nemesis. There are great ways, even holistic organic ways to protect, treat, and maintain a flea and tick free atmosphere.

A monthly flea and tick medication is the easiest way to ensure your pets are not becoming a new host for active pests. ( frontline etc..) But many families now are not as keen on using chemicals on their dogs. ( flea collars, harsh chemicals). That does not mean that nothing should be done!

Here are some fast , natural and innovated ways to treat and prevent mosquito , flea, tick, ant and spider bites.

You can get products with cedar oil or peppermint oil . It’s all natural flea and tick repellant. Safe to spray around children and dogs and on furniture and carpets. Spray your dog before walks to prevent an adult flea attack . Also treat your house occasionally with the spray to kill pests at the larval stage . Treat your back yards with the same organic products to ensure your house is protected .

Most people only treat their dogs but do not focus on a clean protected home.

If you are past the stage of prevention and need to stop active pests “Capstar” pills work within 30 mins all fleas on your pet will die. Make sure to treat your house as well. Capstar is safe to use even if dogs are on flea and tick prevention meds already . Capstar only kills adult fleas so once all the fleas fall off ( 30 mins) make sure to treat for the larvae which can remain in the environment for many weeks . The adults are the only ones that can jump and only the feeding adults are jumpers. Without a host adults die within a week. Capstar can last three days of immediate pest termination so that gives you three days to get your house in order. Your vet can also prescribe comfortis which is more expensive but has a 30 day efficiency. Again it kills the adult fleas so treat for the larvae stages as well to maintain a clean environment.

Other great tips to prevent and treat your household is to put a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner. Chop the collar into one inch pieces and every time you vacuum put a new piece in .

Vacuuming your house is a great way to get those pesky critters out of your house . But do not let them sit in the vacuum cleaner and jump out . Empty the bag or holder immediately and put in a new flea collar piece.

This will kill any alive fleas in you vacuum !

If you don’t even want to buy organic products you can make your own sprays with lemon juice, vinegar, cedar oil or peppermint oil. Salt on your carpets also help dry up the moisture and kill fleas as well .

Ticks are also repelled by many of these ingredients, however using a tick or flea comb to check your dog is a great way to stay ahead of the game .

I am a “bug-a-phob ” and have a hard time dealing with pests. We use “wondercider” products which are natural and have no harsh chemicals to protect our dogs and treat our facility. I can sleep at night knowing that my dogs are safe but the pests are not!
Mosquitos, fleas and ticks don’t need to ruin your life . Be proactive , prevent and treat .

There are no excuses to not being
on some sort of flea and tick medications either from brand names, vet prescriptions or home remedies .

Protect your dogs and cats this summer . Miami is hot and the best breeding ground for every pest in the book . Pest free is the way to be


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