To Neuter or Not to Neuter that is the Question?


Many people have different philosophies on dog neutering, pros and cons. However, there are overwhelming reasons to neuter your dog then to keep them “intact”. If you want to breed your dog, of course, neutering is not an option. Other than that reason neutering should be on your to do list ( earliest 6 months).

Problems that may develop with unneutered dogs.

1) Adult marking and spraying: Does your dog have accidents in the house every once in a while? This can be due to male marking, small urine marks that pop on on vertical objects or on personal property ( bedding, couch). Male marking is not an easy fix and can not be treated the same way as house breaking. It is a horrid pain to clean and a problem that breeders put up with.

2) Undesired behaviors: many unneutered dogs can develop unwanted behaviors that are basic urges and thus hard to control . The tendencies for male dogs to be aggressive to other males or sexual to females in heat is greater . This makes dog park visits and attending doggie day cares limited or in some cases an added expense.

In addition behavioral issues at an earlier age can be considered intensified if the dog is not neutered. Hyperactivity and signs of dominance may also start developing. This may develop into reactivity as an adult .

When it comes to your dogs big moment for the “snip snip” (if you are not breeding ) remember the old price is right saying: ” don’t forget to spade and neuter you pets”.

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