Best places on Key Biscayne to have animals!

Animals are great but not all apartment and condos are as enthusiastic to allow animals. Many high rises on Key Biscayne allow only dogs 20 pounds and under, only one dog per condo, only owners can have pets or the worst no pets at all! So with such restrictions where on this island can you possible go with your furry family besides million dollar homes.

Here is my list of the top 4 most PET FRIENDLY places to live on Key Biscayne.

1) Le Phare: Hands down, this small townhouse community has it all if you are an animal enthusiast. Renters and owners alike can have pets of any size and any quantity.! It is easy to walk your dog since there is street access with several doggy poo bag stations for quick pick ups. They also have grassy courtyards for your doggies. Another pro is that you are just 4 blocks from the new KB Dog Park.

2). Key Colony: Now Key Colony does have restrictions on weight of dog and rules on only owners being able to own a dog but if you can meet this requirements Key Colony has their own private dog park and tons of stimulating dog paths that can really keep your dog enjoying their walks . Key colony is also across the street from a vet and grooming store.

3) Galen and sunrise: (DISCLAIMER) not every building down these streets allow dogs so do your research however most do. These streets are friendly , dogs have easy access to the outside with many doggy poo stations for quick pick ups and across the street from the Dog Park!! Most buildings do have the 20 pound and under rule but many buildings are lenient.

4) Commodore Club : Like most places on the Key there is a weight limit and amount limit to the number of dogs one can have however there are many dog owners and they have a private dog run next to Crandon park that is great for dogs to run around and release that extra energy!

I believe growing up with animals really helps a family grow with responsibility, love, affection and knowledge. As the Key is becoming a family oriented community I hope these growing families that live in condos can also have the pleasure of animals in their lives.


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