Do you look like your dog?


Do you look like your dog? It’s interesting to think how many people get animals that actually resemble their owners.

Blonde owners choosing blonde puppies, people with certain facial characteristics picking dogs with big eyes, smooched in noses, long noses, extra furry or no hair at all. It is fascinating how many people subconsciously want a dog that looks like themselves.

According to Dr, Workman from Bath Spa University “Psychologists asked 70 people to match 41 dog owners, found through the Kennel Club, to their breeds. They were correct between 50 and 60 per cent of the time, when chance suggested that they should have a success rate of around 33 per cent”.

Now the physical traits can be attributed to some circumstance. Large men might tend to large breed dogs and petit women might prefer small breeds due to the ease of dog. For example, a larger built man or women can handle a heavier build dog breed and might enjoy the power behind the dog.

However when studies were conducted pertaining to personality traits and dog choices there was not a significant difference in the results.

But if you are not sure if this dog lookalike phenomenon is true, head over to a best in show contest or just mossy on down to your local dog park and observe. You might be finding more similarity than you think!!!!




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