How to prepare for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is approaching quickly and if you have pets it is important that you prepare for the festivities.

Remember during the day if you bring your dog to a parade or party bring lots of water. It gets hot in Miami and dogs dehydrate quickly. Look for shady spots to sit around and keep all of your dogs info on their collar for safety reasons.


This is one of the busiest times for veterinarians. So this Independence Day if your dog is a new addition or if your dog has a history of fear from loud noises be aware of your dog. Here are some great ways to prepare yourself this holiday!

1) Know where you are going to be! If you are going to a friends house make sure your dog feels comfortable there. If they are not familiar with the location, try to visit the residence before hand. Making your dog as comfy as possible is important. Comforting your dog during this time is not behavioral incorrect, so hug away!

2) Walk your dog before hand. Getting rid of extra energy will help with anxiety your dog has.

3) If your dog has a history of fear pertaining to noises then ask your vet for some calming medication. This can be vital if your dog is a concern!

4)If you cannot be with your pup than hire a pet sitter or take them to a doggy day care.

5) Set your dog up for success. Prepare your dog ahead of time for noise desensitization. Play music in your house that is calming and gradually increase the volume and tone of the music. When you play the beats reinforce your dog for being calm if they are uncomfortable then lower the volume or change the track to something more calm . This is a gradual behavioral change so this is great technique for next years Independence Day or even hurricane season .

Being prepared this Fourth of July is the best thing you can do for both your dog and your own peace of mind. So have fun and be prepared!!


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