Dog Birthdays

Have you been to a dog birthday party lately or ever? If you haven’t you have not experienced the incredible lengths people go through for their dogs. I have had the privilege to have been invited to my fair share of doggie birthdays and I have enjoyed every one. However it is not the delicious food or in some cases flowing wine that keeps me wanting more. It is the social interaction between the dogs that impresses me. It is great socialization and dog owners can learn new behaviors and have new experiences with other dog owners. Experienced and responsible dog owners are great teachers and leaders. At every dog birthday I have attended people discuss behavioral problems and get much needed dog advice from multiple sources and in some cases professional dog trainers. There dogs learn appropriate social behavior and meet new friends.

Dog birthdays may seem like something out of Beverley Hills housewives but this new craze is spreading amongst avid animal lovers and there is no stopping it. People invest a lot of money and time on their dogs and this will only continue to grow. So next time you are invited to a doggie b-day party, go! You never know what new behavioral and training tips you could get !

Oh and don’t forget to bring a gift


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