Dog barks at the door when people come over

When your dog barks at the door or runs around your house when the door bell rings you need to get your dogs focus off those distractions!

How to fix it:

Grab a place mat. Place it 15 feet from your door and ask your dog to sit on it. This is now your dogs go to spot.

Ask your dog to his spot and say stay. Walk to your door and return if your dog stayed on their spot, reinforce them. Do this again to make sure your dogs “stay” command is strong. ( door then back to dog). Now again go to door but touch the handle and wiggle it. If your dog stays, reinforce. Remember your dogs attention span maybe short if your dog gets up and walks away. Don’t chase after them ( ignore the undesired behaviors always) , wait till they return .

Now we will start opening the door open and shut. Make sure the door way is clear so the dog sees no one at the door. If your dog is still sitting reinforce them.

Now the tough spot. Have someone ring the doorbell but not stand in the doorway. The dog will bark most likely ( or even break the stay), just wait till your dog stops the undesired behavior and comes back to control in their place. Reinforce the calm sit position and try again . Do this until your dog is staying on their spot . Reinforce them if they are staying on the mat.

Once you get here now add the person to the door . The person should only move if you tell them to. If your dog is off their spot heading towards the door ask the person to step back outside . Do this again and again reinforcing good behavior .

You get see results with this positive reinforcement technique in a day . But remember when doing training sessions with your dog you need to let them know when they leave the train . Use a word like “ok” or “done” to let your dog know he can either 1) greet the guest or 2) walk around the house.

I also use hand gestures as well so try to say “done” or “ok” and do a quick clap . Now your dogs knows to break the stay position and carry on with their day.

Jumping and barking can be a frustrating behavior but with this technique your dog will know that door bell ringing means sit on mat not jump on guests .

Happy training


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