Fear of people

Dogs that have a fear of people can be a tough to handle. You want your dog to be playful but for whatever the reason ( ie your dogs are rescues) they are scared. Here are some tips to help with getting your dog to be more approachable.

Sit on you sofa bring some treats with you and have them readily available. Don’t move over to your dog, let them slowly come to you. Don’t even coax your dog over, everything with people fears need to be on you dogs own terms. Once your dogs gets with in hands distance show the treat in on open hand on the floor. Slowly your dog will come to and take. Then do it again. Remain very calm and anytime your dog comes up to you, reinforce. Our goal is to make you ( the person) the most reinforcing thing to your dog. Don’t every yell or punish a fearful dog. Also being on your dogs level is a great way to share the playing field. Try sitting on your floor with treats and if your dog comes over calmly( bring extra treats) and while they try to eat the treats very calming pet them.

This should also happen with your friends. Tell your friends to just relax and wait for the dog to come to them. Remember also that outside noises and people will also affect your dog. So go out on days that are not busy and reinforce your dog for remaining calm when you both see someone.

Don’t reinforce your dog if they are exhibiting fear and remember be patient with you dog. If things are on their terms you dog will ease into their new home and meeting new people.

Happy training!!


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