Barking part 2

I say this everyday but set your dog up for success. Barking is no exception!! Here are some key tips to eliminating barking.

Limit space:

If your dog is already crate trained that’s perfect but if not allowing your dog access to loud hallway noise, neighbors chatting and moving trucks , it’s best for them not to be waiting at the door for noises.


Leave your tv on or the radio . This works two ways. It really drowns out the noise from outside and incase your dog happens to bark or whine it drowns them out as well.


Windows can be a huge barking problem. Eliminate the temptation by putting up the curtains. Until you have a trainer come in help slowly adjusting your dog to ignoring objects outside. The windows have to covered. ( this is a whole other topic).


So important! Make the home exciting and stimulating.

Remember you can not expect results if you don’t set yourself and your dog up for success.


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