Puppy Housebreaking 101

Housebreaking!!!! Every carpets nightmare. Housebreaking is one of those behaviors you must have patience. First thing you need to do is start a routine. Dogs love routines and will wait and expect it. Dogs need walking first thing in the morning!!! Most likely if you walk them first thing in the morning they usually relieve themselves immediately. Say a tag line like ” go pee pee” before the need to go. This starts your dog on que words that will aid in housebreaking down the road. Then come inside feed your dog and then 30 minutes – 1 hour after walk them one more time . This is critical!!! People don’t realize how important this step is. Always set your dog up for success and I am telling you, your dog will need to go to the bathroom in the morning and after their morning feeding.

If you are in the house the rest of the day use the umbilical cord method. Keep your dog on a long leash attached to you, this way you’ll have fewer accidents. If you cannot supervise their behavior then crate or pen training necessary. Don’t give your dog your entire house off the bat. If they find a spot in your house to pee in and you don’t see it or catch it . Your digging yourself in a hole!!

Once your dog is consistent (no mistakes) give them more space and less supervision . Eventually your dog will be able to roam around everywhere and won’t have problems.

This involves patience!! Some dogs learn in two weeks with no problems and some dogs need months of training.



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