Dogs are so funny

When I think of dogs I think of them as people . All with different personalities, sizes, shapes, colors and habits. During the week I have encountered several dogs all that amaze me in their own special way.

One situation that was interesting involved two dogs . One who is gregarious but is uncomfortable left alone and the other one is a little fatty but is great by himself. I arrived at the residence and started training immediately . After the session I wanted to treat the dogs to a fun play session in a dog park before I left . So I grab the leashes and like usual the outgoing dog sprints over ready for his walk the other dog is so happy in his bed with his bone that the dog park was not as reinforcing as the bone and bed combo. I called twice and to no avail.

It’s amazing how these dogs that live together and are good friends truly can exhibit separate personality traits.
Remember that dogs are more like us then you may think; just like children you have to respect and acknowledge that all dogs are different and thus they need different types of attention.

When I am involved in training I use different training techniques for different dogs. This is important!


Funny training story

Training is not always smooth sailing. Events in an animals life can resurface at peculiar times.

The training experience began with a dog that barked when left alone. The owner just moved to a new condo located on a busy corridor by the lobby. They wanted the dogs separation anxiety to be extinguished so when they leave the don’t annoy the neighbors, so training ensued and the barking was minimized significantly however a behavior from the past resurfaced. 4 months prior we had captured a vocal behavior that was so cute. The dog was taught to meow on command and it was a behavior they found very desirable.
The once desired behavior is all the non barking dog could do. So instead of barking the dog was meowing to release his discomfort of being alone .
Even though the family and friends found this hilarious, it made me realize that even if you train the dog not to bark, does that mean they are truly comfortable? From this session I am beginning to think that might not be the case!