How to fix undesired dog behaviors!

I love my clients because they inspire me everyday to write informational posts and blogs. Today we are focusing on energy and observation!

Dogs can have predictable behavior meaning in some cases you can actually anticipate poor or undesired behavior with your dog. If you notice that during the day your dog is an angel he sleeps, nice and calm but when the family comes home in the afternoon your dog goes “wild”. Sound familiar. The interesting thing is people think ” ahh my dog is out if control. He jumps on sofa, he chases the children he has started biting the carpet or rug.” But they are not out of control they are channeling their energy poorly and inefficiently.
If this sounds like your family situation . There is a simple solution.

Before you get frustrated with your puppy or dog, ask why does this happen. Your dog has to much energy!!! A bored dog, a well rested dog, or a dog awaiting and anticipating your arrival will be destructive. However if you can realize this you can solve this problem.

Reinforce your dog during the day for being calm then before the family comes home take your dog for a run or to the dog park. Burn off that energy. Remember a TIRED DOG is a GOOD DOG!!!!!!! Then come home and be behavioral . Your dog will now have far less energy, and now you can really work on training. As people come through the door ask your dog to sit reinforce them for not rushing the door or for not jumping . Really show your dog what you want by reinforcing the calm behavior.

Another alternative to channel that energy positively is my applying training techniques. If you can do a training session with your dog everyday this will help your dog burn energy, think for themselves and occupy their time. It doesn’t have to be complex , start with sits and downs stays and comes. Start playing fetch where your dog receives objects ,comes back to control , and releases objects! They get exercise and they are learning critical training techniques.

This system works!! Just like children, dogs need attention, playtime outside to run around and schooling. Could you imagine if you didn’t do this with your children !! Your house could look worse then how your dog leaves it now!

So appreciate your pup and know to observe your dog and efficiently get rid of the excess energy.


When did dog walking become a science?

I read a great article pertaining to walking your dog. In New York, an article ( ) was conducted to see if people trust or feel comfortable with dog walkers.

Are they actually coming in and walking the dog? Are the dogs actually going outside? These high tech New York walkers have decided to go above and beyond giving their clients “pee and poo” alerts, photos of their dogs walking and full updates on their dogs day including trackers to detect how far your dog has gone that day. However, even with all the extra bells and whistles what happens when your dog walker encounters a behavioral problem?

Many dog walkers don’t understand how to treat or correct behavioral problems while on a walk. As a trainer, fixing dog walking problems is only one small step in correcting an undesired behavior but how does this stay maintained? What happens when the trainer has fixed the problem and the walkers still walk the dogs unable to maintain and fix or even understand why the problem occurred. This is a question that arises a lot in the animal training world. For example, your dog starts barking and growling at other dogs randomly during the walk. The walker might pull the dog along to continue the walk or in some cases give the dog attention for undesired behavior. It is hard to expect them to know that behaviorally this only strengthens the undesired behavior trainers work so hard to get ride of. The same works for dogs pulling on leashes or not walking on walks.

Maintaining behaviors is tough probably the toughest part of training. Trainers can get you on the right track but remember it is up to you to maintain and observe your dogs behaviors in the future!!

Don’t let small problems become expensive training lessons.